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  • TKG Automotive produces and supplies sheet metal stampings and assemblies for the automotive industry. Starting from the earliest development stages of a project, TKG Automotive provides a complete range of engineering and production services for a wide range of components including welded assemblies and heat shields.

    TKG Automotive is able to assume overall responsibility for the products it will manufacture, from product development to serial production, including prototyping and product validation processes.

    With more than 40 years experience in the automotive industry, highly qualified and committed members of the company are always ready and pleased to be of service to its customers.

    TKG Automotive was created at a time when the Turkish auto industry was in urgent need of development in both quality and technology. That is why we established the identity of the company by putting together the initial letters of Technology, Quality and Continuous Improvement which we adopted as our corporate principals.

    From the outset we have striven to do everything in which we have been involved in a perfect way, in order to achieve and sustain the satisfaction of our customers.

    Considering recent advancements in both the local and global automotive industry, our company focuses on the success of its clients, and makes every effort to meet the present and future expectations of current and potential customers.

    Our achievements are the natural results of our lean, flexible, responsive organization and customer oriented thinking. We are pleased that our customers can rely on us and thank them for the opportunities that they give us. We also thank our suppliers, other business partners and employees for their invaluable contribution to our success.

    TKG Automotive will continue to operate with a strong loyalty to its values and principals in its journey to become a global supplier.

    Every TKG employee understands that our future success will be the result of what we do today and how we do it. In this respect, we will continue to be committed to our most outstanding business principal:

    "To be perfect in all that we do"
    Chairman of The Board

    To provide competitive parts and systems to global original equipment manufacturers by using advanced engineering and production technologies, whilst delivering acceptable returns to our shareholders.


    By 2023, to become a global company which is accepted as a co-designer of automotive parts, including at least 2 unique designs in its product range, and ranked in Turkey’s top 500 companies, with its growth achieved through the application of technology and quality systems.

    *We are clear, honest and fair.
    *We are customer oriented; when we give a promise we will deliver it.
    *We are respectful of human rights and the environment.
    *We are an entrepreneurial team and work with passion to make a difference.


    TKG Automotive is Founded.


    Started Working with Renault.


    TNew Plant in Bursa Çalı Industrial Zone


    Started Working with Toyota


    Started Working with Honda


    New Plant in Alaaddinbey Industrial Zone
    (for aluminium heat shields)


    Started Working with Fiat


    New Plant in Adapazarı Industrial Zone


    New Plant in Bursa Industrial Zone


    Started Working with Hyundai


    Cooperation with Shape USA


    TKG Tooling is seperated as new Company


    Started using SAP

  • The company produces cold-formed steel and aluminum parts for the Automotive Industry. Its principal objective is to progressively increase its market share to reach a position where it competes internationally by achieving the highest level of quality in the industry.

    To achieve this goal:

  • Employees operate to a high standard of quality awareness
  • The quality system is disseminated effectively to all functions
  • Advanced technological developments are utilized to improve quality performance
  • Our suppliers are constantly supported in order to improve their performance
  • Continuous improvement philosophy is a dynamic part of our operating procedures
  • Productivity, measured by improvement to our costs, is continuously monitored
  • Production capacity is increased to match the needs of the market
  • Our customers’ needs and expectations are paramount

  • For this purpose the company ensures:
  • Stable support and participation of top management
  • Training and motivation of employees at all levels
  • High levels of increasing employee responsibility and competence
  • Effective communication with our employees and customers
  • Supplier monitoring and development
  • The use of failure prevention methods.
  • TKG AUTOMOTIVE employees are committed to respect the environment and nature, to sustainably develop and improve the business and to meet the challenge of fulfilling continuously increasing customer requirements.