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    The R&D operation of TKG Automotive is organised to respond efficiently to customer requirements.

    CAD-CAE software, such as Catia, Unigraphics NX, ANSYS and measurement devices, are used at the product development stages.

    TKG Automotive uses its extensive resources to work with its customers for new product development.

    R&D activities include the development of high thermal and acoustic performance heat shields and sheet metal body parts.

    Established in 2015, the R&D Laboratory includes the ability to comply with customers’ physical testing specifications and demands.

    A core competence of TKG Automotive is the production of sheet metal stampings. Competition is very intensive in this industry. This fact demands very cost effective and efficient production processes in order to stay competitive.

    Costs of both tooling and serial production, as well as product quality, are heavily dependent on the capabilities of the process development and tooling design functions of the suppliers. To meet this reality, TKG Automotive employs a team of skilled engineers for the design and production of tooling.

    Catia V5 is the most commonly used software package in the auto industry and is the main engineering platform in TKG. We use it for the design and production (CAM) of our tooling.


    Process simulations are essential to ensure cost effective and high quality results in stamping. TKG Automotive utilizes simulation tools and technologies to maximize the efficiency of tool production.

    TKG Automotive has its own in-house toolshop, capable of producing high quality tools for body and chassis components and also for aluminium heat shields. We have also been producing tooling for high-strength and ultra-high-strength materials since 2006.

    Mid and large tooling and checking fixtures are produced in-house whilst small tools and progression dies are produced by our subcontracting partners under the close supervision of our project management team. Tooling for aluminium heat shields are produced in-house as the products are manufactured from materials which are easily damaged and need very careful attention.


    OEMs are demanding ever shorter lead times for prototypes. Using its extensive in-house facilities, TKG Automotive provides prototype support, producing and delivering prototype components and assemblies within a few weeks. Hard-tools, soft-tools or laser cutting technologies are applied depending on the volume of the prototype requirement.

    As prototyping is the first step towards serial production, this process is regarded as an opportunity to ensure the manufacturability of the products. Potential concerns and improvement proposals are defined during prototype manufacturing and lessons learnt used to optimize design at the forthcoming stages of product development and tooling production.