People and Society

Contribution to employment, gender equality and empowerment of working women, employee health and safety, talent and loyalty management, support for training and development are among our prioritised topics, which we initiated with the motto ‘‘People are at the heart of our business’’.

Support For Education

We are aware that education is the future. Therefore, in order to contribute to our country in achieving the level of contemporary civilisation, we make educational support payments once a year to the children of all our employees and we provide educational scholarships for the children of some of our employees through MESS.

In addition, thanks to the protocol we have signed with the Ministry of National Education, we are implementing a programme that will provide vocational high school diplomas to our employees who are not vocational high school graduates. Thanks to this programme, our colleagues can obtain a vocational high school diploma valid all over Europe by being supervised by the trainers assigned within the scope of the programme and by taking an exam at the end of the programme, while continuing their business life.

Social Gender Qquality

Social equality is among our core values. Various activities are carried out within our company in order to set an example for both the sector and the society in this regard. Various joint projects are carried out with our group companies for women to take part in business life.

Thanks to these projects, we feel justifiably proud of ranking 49th among the top 100 companies employing the highest number of women in Organised Industrial Zones in 2020.

We also carry out various awareness-raising communications to support global solidarity movements that focus on gender equality.