The Corporate Sustainability Approach of TKG Group addresses business and future strategies and includes all Environmental, Social and Governance sustainability issues. Our sustainability perspective addresses these issues with a holistic approach.

TKG Group has created a Sustainability Roadmap by analysing the Environmental and Social Mega Trends that affect social and business life on a global scale. In addition, business trends and location-based characteristics have also been taken into account in our Roadmap in order to link Sustainability Management with Business Strategies.

The implementation and continuous monitoring of sustainability practices and activities within the scope of the roadmap are carried out under the Corporate Structure of TKG Group Sustainability. In this structure, the Working Group ensures the coordination of the activities carried out in Group companies and the implementation of annual work plans, while the Sustainability Committee evaluates these activities twice a year and shares them with the Board of Directors.

Our approach draws its strength from a dynamic assessment of current facts and needs and the adaptation of our strategies in accordance with this assessment.

The European Green Deal and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are the main guidelines that are used to shape our sustainability practices and long-term goals, and regional specific requirements are also of great importance to make our approach viable.