Innovative parts
of the new world at TKG

TKG Automotive Group designs and produces metal forming, welded and assembled parts, NVH (heat, thermoacoustic and electromagnetic shields) parts for the automotive industry, it offers innovative solutions to its customers with the aim of becoming a ‘co-designer’ in alternative products and product groups.

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Sustainability is in the
Nature of Our Business.

We take steps to improve people, nature and our world and act with a culture of sustainability in every process from the Research and Development stage to the production line.

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We are at the heart
of electric vehicles with the battery module covers we produce.

With more than 45 years of experience, flexibility, value-added production, efficiency and agile business approach, we are thrilled to have commissioned Roll forming line, which is our new business line.

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We are at the heart of electric vehicles with the battery module covers we produce.

With the ‘‘Battery Module Covers’’ we produce in line with our competent engineering knowledge, we bring durability and function to the automotive industry and we add power to the power of electric vehicles!

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Occupational health and safety
It is culture at TKG.

We always work to be better in terms of occupational health and safety level, and we ensure the continuity and development of all our processes within the scope of the OHS management system.

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About Us

We Bring Technique,Quality and Trust to the Future of the Automotive Industry

As TKG Automotive, we are already thinking about the future of the automotive industry today by adopting improvement and change as a part of our company culture on this path we set out in the year 1977. In accordance with our 46 years of experience, technology-oriented service understanding, operational efficiency and our passion for innovation, we have been expanding our product range, which initially started with mould manufacturing, to include the manufacture of body parts, exterior parts, aluminium heat-sound-magnetic shields, seat parts, power transmission parts, chassis and suspension parts, and in parallel with this, we have been manufacturing moulds and fixtures for the mass production of these products. Producing for Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Nissan, Nissan, Renault, Stellantis and Toyota factories, we are reaching out to the world from Turkey.

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Cold Forming

  • BIW Components
  • Skin Panels
  • Heat / Acoustic / Magnetic Shields
  • Powertrain Components
  • Seat Frame Components
  • Chassis ve Suspension Components


  • Battery Housing Components
  • Bumper Crash Beams

Qualified Engineering

Value Added Production



Consisting of 1500 People

A Professional Team


Research & Development Centre

46 Years

A Long-Standing Background of